Reopen Business Safely

SpreadCtrl is an all-in-one platform that provides interactive applications of Health Screening, Contact Tracing, and Occupancy Management to support a safer bounceback for business.

  • Managers can precisely manage reopening progress and timely report status and controls to provide transparency and confidence for staff, the board, or government officials.
  • Staff can return to work with a workpass by completing self-screening and scheduling onsite days based on the capacity of the selected workplace.
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Contactless Screening

Contactless Health Screening

Contract Tracing

Smart Contact Tracing


Return to Work Schedule


Occupancy Management


Real-Time Email Notification


Cloud-based Record Keeping



  • Provide you with an overview of your team's health status, working location, and occupancy rate of each office.
  • Customized analytics are available by contract. Please contact us for details.

Health Screening

  • Allow completion of health screening from your device.
  • Analyze health screening responses and provide a going-to-work recommendation.
  • Prepare and update self-isolation schedule based on health screening results.
  • Enable easy validation of health status via a QR code.

Contact Tracing

  • Track staff's health status and attendance history.
  • Trace contacts to a workpass with one click. Or customized trace based on a specified time, location, or user.

Occupancy Management

  • Manage workplace capacity limit to have the staff be present on a rotating basis, thus minimizing contact at a given time.
  • Provide an onsite day scheduling system with occupancy rate traffic lights and real-time notification on capacity limit breach.

Other Features

  • Web-based application with no installation required on local device.
  • Accessible and secured cloud-based record-keeping.
  • Customized features are available by contract. Please contact us for details.

The Plan

As every organization works differently, please make any combination of accounts that suits your team! For enterprise contracts, demo requests, feature customization, implementation consulting, or alternative payment method, contact us.

*All taxes are included.

Staff Account

USD $3.89* per month
  • Access to Health Screening, where you can complete and submit self-screening; receive going-to-work recommendations.
  • Access to Workpass, where you can find your workpass as Onsite, WFH, or Self-isolated with recommended start/end dates, and a QR code that stores your status.
  • Access to Work Calendar where you can schedule your onsite days based on the occupancy traffic lights of the selected workplace.
  • Access to Vaccination where you can upload your vaccination status.

Manager Account

USD $38.89* per month
  • Access to Dashboard, where you can overview your team's health status, working location, and occupancy history of each workplace.
  • Access to Health Screening, where you can customize health screening questionnaire; review health screening responses and vaccination status submitted by staff.
  • Access to Contact Tracing, where you can trace contacts based on user name, location, time, and workpass.
  • Access to Occupancy Management, where you can create location codes, update capacity limit settings, and monitor occupancy rates at each location.
  • Access to Accounts, where you can manage staff registration; review user profile including historical trace at the workplace.